What folder holds uploaded files?


I've uploaded several files from the remote computer using the [Upload] button in the browser GUI but can't find them in the Linux folder tree. (I spent 30 minutes looking before posting this question.)
Where are uploaded files kept in the Linux file structure?


Normally in ~/.octoprint/uploads.


Do not mess with that folder. I don't know what you're trying to do, but don't. OctoPrint manages that folder along with print metadata. You can safely delete the entire contents of it if you want to mass flush your old prints, but do NOT just map it to a network drive and put things in it.


OK. Good to know. Thanks.


It was difficult to find because any folder which begins with a period (.octoprint) is hidden.


As @PythonAteMyPerl noted, you do not want to upload files yourself into that uploads folder. There is a way to get files uploaded automatically (for example from a network drive) by setting up a "Watched Folder". If you set that up, OctoPrint will watch that folder and upload files automatically and do the appropriate housekeeping activities to keep things working properly.

There are some YouTube videos out about how to do this. Joe Mike Terranella had a series of OctoPrint related videos, and one of them dealt with setting this up. Some of his videos are a little out of date. I haven't looked in a while, but here is the link to his OctoPrint Tutorial series. The third one is the one that deals with the watched folder.

If that is no longer current, others on here may have a link to more up-to-date instructions.


OutsourcedGuru: I know enough abut Linux to find the .octoprint folder, but there are 11 folders in it. I checked the data folder but not uploads. Thanks though,


Thanks for the pointer!