What is the "Path to FFMPEG" Specting?

Hi i'm a little confused here,

So i'm using an old phone as a camera, it has it's own Ip and i can see the image in the Octoprint interface. I'm using the "IpWebcam" app.

I've downloaded the FFMPEG software but i dont know which path to put into the "Path to FFMPEG" space to make a timelapse.

But i dont know what to put here:


Here's what I've downloaded:

This Octoprint is running on a Ubuntu Server that i can connect with my computer.

Thank you in advance for any Help!

Here is what I've downloaded:

a tar.xz containing this:

Nevermind!!!! I just installed FFMPEG like this:

and used:
thank you!

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Good that it works now :slight_smile:
I guess you haven't run .configure and make after you unzipped the downloaded ffmpeg so there was no binary. Here is a guide on how to compile ffmpeg if you need it in the future

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