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What is the status on the 64bit OctoPrint/OctoPi?

I know where to find the nightlies at, but is there a way I could follow the status of the 64bit system(s)?

Hello @CobaltEcho !

Concerning the status of OctoPi, you may have frequent look on @guysoft's OctoPi github page:

Thanks @Ewald_Ikemann , I saw that but I didn't really want to make a non-technical post/Issue there for "Hey, how usable is this currently?" I thought this forum might be a better place to ask that sort of casual question.

There is a 64bit nightly build. It seems usable, no one complained so far. We have no way to see how many people use it. So you are welcome to try and report how it works for you.

@guysoft, if you were able to set something in the version number (like 1.0.0-64bit or similar) it may come through on the stats here https://data.octoprint.org/export/rpi_stats_30d.json

But yeah, doesn't seem to have been much feedback on this one around, since it was initially created.

So, @CobaltEcho, I guess now is your opportunity to find out the status of the 64 bit images, if it works, what doesn't work, let us know! :wink:

It would be better to include the variant from CustomPiOS, that would say which version of the 64bit is being used. The version should be the same across variants.
cc @foosel thoughts?

I'm fine either way.

Frankly the more painful situation so far has been that there's no differentiation between nightly and release builds. I was caught off guard a while ago when someone told me they were using OctoPi 1.0.0. But considering that nightly builds graduate to RC graduate to stable I don't know how to solve THAT.

Looks like 64bit on rpi is officially supported: raspios_lite_arm64 images are not being updated · Issue #481 · RPi-Distro/pi-gen · GitHub
So since we have the mechanics to have the Ubuntu work too. We can decide what we prefer.