What I've been working on, 2019

Alright, FormNext is almost over so I thought I would share some information about the printer I've been working on all year in skunkworks mode. Looks like it's going to retail for about US$60K for the printer and US$24K for the unpacking station.


And yes, that's OctoPrint running under the hood. :wink:


Saw it in person on Tuesday at Formnext, UI looked really nice, good job :smiley:

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And you thought I was a hamster of a programmer, huh? :laugh: The Kivy file alone is 12K lines long. (yipes)

Did they demonstrate the Cylon NeoPixel effect? I'd upload it but the forum doesn't love that.

And of course they use octoprint :smiley:

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I've been staring at that display interface for almost twelve months now. It's gone through about six graphic revisions in that time. bleh

Well done @OutsourcedGuru, Tom just recently showed it in his video.

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"Affordable" in air quotes. :laugh: