What OS for desktop?

I recently wiped the HD on my old All-in-one(core i5), and was pondering the idea of installing an OS that I could just run all my printers off of, without having to hassle with my work computer.
What OS would I benefit from most, and which one would run smoothly?
I currently have Ubuntu installed, but it can always be changed to something else like Debian or Linux.

For Ubuntu and Debian both are Linux derivatives, you already made a good choice.

Thanks Ewald! This is all new to me- I've built fences for a living for 15 years now, and I'm usually a quick learner... but this is definitely outside of my usual realm.... I don't think a drill and circular saw will help

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I ended up partitioning the drive, and installed both Ubuntu and Raspbian - So upon powering up I can switch OS if I want to.


I'm confused...Raspbian is for RPis. There isn't really an advantage to dual booting an i5 to Raspbian, though a VM with a Raspbian build environment could be handy if you intend to roll a customized image for your RPis.

Did you try over windows, as for me that is working fine.

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