What to do with / how to apply Bed Visualizer data?

Hello @Rett_Genatempo!

When you run a G29, the firmware usually takes the results on its own to optimize the first layer(s) prints.

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Ewald is correct, the plugin doesn't do anything to compensate for the probed mesh, it literally just displays what the firmware sees and reports from the probe points.

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Thank you! Is there any way to just use the data in my Gcodes instead of it auto-leveling the bed before every print?

Do you have a removable print bed?
If yes, then it's better to auto-level before every print.

Also, this 16 points are faster measured then an entire print will take.
You could modify your firmware so you do a levelling once in a while.

Bed levelling is so much hardware related, it always should belong to the printer, not the slicer.

I have the standard print bed with a removable plate magnetically held in place.


Thanks for your assistance!