What's the current status of Raspberry Pi 4 support?

What's the current status of OctoPrint support for the Raspberry Pi 4?

I see on the download page that the Raspberry Pi 3 is recommended?

Fully supported. It's just overpowered for the task. You might think about active cooling.


Thanks for the reply.

I'd like to use a POE hat so that requires a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or Raspberry Pi 4. The 3B+ is either discontinued or more expensive than the Raspberry Pi 4 for some reason.

Does the 4 really require active cooling? Would the 1 GB version be more than sufficient?

Regarding to this: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b-plus/, the RasPi3B+ will be produced up to 2026

Pi4 is over kill for octoprint but price is the same as I paid for the 3b+ when it cam out.. so go for it. Get the canakit with the clear case and active cooling works well and very quite. Installed Kodi with libreelect and the pie does not break a sweat.. actually got 2 of them for Christmas and was going to install the newest version of octoprint on the other so it would be a simple swap out of the b3+ with no down time. Go for the 4G, if you ever want to use it for something else you have a kicking real computer ..

The Pi4 is overkill but since I'm like Tim Allen, I go for the muscle-car of Pi computers and then I make gorilla-grunting noises when I boot it up.

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Is it part of the boot procedure of the Pi 4 to wear a loud tie and make funny noises? Perhaps I'll stick with 3B+, we don't go in for that sort of thing in this village.