Where do the G-Code and Video Files Go?


I'm new to 3D printing. I'm learning a lot for an old guy and having a lot of fun. Octoprint simply amazes me and it is working great. I have a few questions, just trying to understand where stuff goes. When I select "Upload", where does the file go? If it is on the Raspberry's SD card, is the g-code being streamed to the printer over the usb?

Also, the video files, where are they stored? I know I can download them from Octoprint. Are they stored on the Raspberry's micro SD card? If yes, what directory?



Inside the .octoprind folder there are the folders timelapse and uploads.
It's all on the SD card.and the g-code lines are sent to the printer by OctoPrint via USB.




That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you for this.


You are welcome!


You can see the folders in "settings" / "OCTOPRINT" session / "Folders".