Which plugin has charts and graphs of filament usage?


So that I may see the rate of filament usage and how much it's costing. Got the "filament history" plugin going but it is still showing 0 for everything. Where do I set at least costs and weights?
Sign me: dazed and confused.


Hello Skypuppy.

I assume you meant Filament Manager.
I the OctoPrint Settings you can find a point Filament Manager.
Here you can set your parameters.

But I must admit, a graphical over view would be convenient.
Also moving this functionality from the settings to the tabs


I use a few plugins to control my prints and filaments.
Filament Manager: Let you add your spools and select them before printing. It would be perfect to me if it allowed to select the spool in a pop-up after started the job, because sometimes I send it to start directly from slicer and thereĀ“s a different spool selected, but I can live with that.

Print History: Also accepts inputs of your spools, price and currency, but I use it only to see in a faster way all of my prints.

Printer Stats: In this you add information about energy consumption, and it gives you back a lot of charts.

Another good one to mention, is the Bed Visualizer, that allows you to see a graphic representation of your heated bed.


I have considered installing this several times. I like the idea of being able to weigh a spool to make sure that there's enough filament before attempting a job.

Perhaps instead I'll just do some weight measurements, go "old school" on this and do the calculation manually. (If I know the weight of a particular empty spool plus the weight-per-distance of that filament, I should be able to make the determination.)


Tried "Bed Visualizer," but all it does is put the print head in one spot and it sits there, never moving, while the RPi sends command after command until I just stopped it after 45 minutes, with zero results.

"Print History" does not cooperate, either. Didn't try "printer stats."


Actually, for Bed Visualizer, your printer should support Bed Mesh Levelling, Usually supported by G-Godes G80/G81 or G29.

In what way does Print History not cooperate?