Which three OctoPrint plugins would you take with you on a deserted island?

Hi, you all know the question: Which three things would you take with you on a deserted island?

So if you had a limit to install only three plugins which would you choose? Please include a sentence or two which explains why you choose each one.

Let's see what are most useful plugins for OctoPrint community...

  1. ArcWelder: It's a fantastic reduction in the gcode filesize as well as lowering the amount of ping/pong between OctoPrint and the printer board.
  2. I would like to say Themeify since I've relied on it up until now. But since it's not Python 3—compatible, it's not currently on my printer.
  3. I like my own GitFiles plugin. It feels like a simple solution to managing file versions.

In setting up my printer, I've found these to be useful as a one-and-done:

  • Print Bed Visualizer
  • Bed Leveling Wizard

ArcWelder sounds great, but I can't find it in OctoPrint plugin repository, can you please share the url?

@OutsourcedGuru ok, I have found ArcWelder url
Do you use Prusa MK3 or MK3S printers? I see that G2/G3 is still experimental in Prusa firmware so I would not like to introduce something that will cause issues in reliability of my Prusa machines.

From Prusa knowledge-base:

G2, G3 - Controlled Arc Move G2 & G3: Controlled Arc Move

These commands don't properly work with MBL enabled. The compensation only happens at the end of the move, so avoid long arcs.

MBL is Mesh Bed Leveling

Mine uses a Robo board (Robo 3D) which is a common Reprap-compatible using a Marlin fork, so nothing special. You might try this on yours in the Terminal tab of OctoPrint to see if it behaves.

For me there is only one plugin that is most important: one of the filament-runout plugins (the one you like most). It is so helpfull to pause the printer when it runs out of filament when printing close to the end of a spool and just not have enough during the print.

Or instead of this the Filament-manager if you want to keep track of your filaments.
Just not at the same time as the filament-sensor-plugins as somehow they don't seem to like each-other when they run at the same time. I ran into strange problems while running sensor and manager together.
With the manager you do a more or less prediction about the amount there is left while the sensor-plugin's pause when you are really too late or have a broken filament between spool and sensor.
Both can be life-savers.

These are the only plugins that are loaded into my Octoprints on my printers at the moment (I run 3 or 4 instances, other printers use printrun on their pi's, so no plugins possible)..

PSUControl and PortLister, I think it is obvious why.

Other than that I could probably do without the others I have installed at the moment.

I guess eather a Filament Sensor plugin or the new "Easy Servo" plugin would be my third, but haven't tested them yet.

  1. Octopod! Not sure if this one counts since it really just facilitates connectivity to octopod.
  2. Exclude Region - This one lets you cancels areas of a print if they fail. Super helpful for printing multiple parts and one starts failing but the others are fine.
  3. GcodeEditor - good for renaming files or fixing a small error in your gcode without replacing and uploading.
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Tell me about these GitFiles.

I have been testing ArcWelder on my Prusa machines, so far it works without issues! This is a great plugin, thanks!

Completely agree, Octopod is an awesome plugin!

To me it would be:
Exclude region
Edit G-code
Better Heater Timeout

Fyi, MBL actually works for any recent prusa firmware with G2/G3. Clamping to endstops does not work, so keep the arcs inside your print volume!

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