Who maintains the MQTT plugin..? Are you here? I have left an 'Issue' on Github, as well

This is a wild goose chase. Someone who maintains the MQTT plugin needs to look into this issue over at the Home Assistant forums:

HA is changing is guidelines for MQTT naming, and it primarily affects the Z2M addon. I use the Mosquitto broker (addon), and I see this issue pop up:

These are 99% errors coming from the MQTT plugin for Octoprint. The HA forum post says that since I am not some MQTT guru I need to contact the provider of the messages.

SO. If you are reading this, and you are one of the developers/ maintainers of this project:

Are you aware that this is happening???

Sorry if I seem ters. I'm just tired of people changing shit every time I got it all working properly...

As mentioned in the issue you posted, I think this is coming from the Home Assistant plugin. From what I can tell it seems that this was addressed in the latest version.

I'm a little confused now. These looked like two separate plugins, but I guess both are needed for MQTT --> HA. And, I could have sworn I just recently updated both OctoPi setups. I will update again, and possibly have to purge the MQTT entity cache.

I've updated, and I'm down to these entities now:

List of affected entities:

  • switch.octocr10_emergency_stop
  • switch.octosv01_shutdown_system
  • switch.octocr10_cancel_print
  • switch.octocr10_shutdown_system
  • switch.octosv01_emergency_stop
  • switch.octosv01_cancel_print

These apparently didn't get corrected. So, which Github page do I make an issue on?

The one I linked, that's what registers into ha not the mqtt plugin.

10-4. I made an issue. Thanks for the help. This was confusing, for some reason.