WhoStartedIt Plugin

In an shared environment where access control is enabled and there are many potential users, it would be useful to be able to tell which user initiated the print that is currently in progress. Does a plugin to display this already exist? If not, any ideas on how one would go about implementing this feature?

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And who paused or canceled it!
And it would be amazing if you could leave a note as to why you had to cancel it!

Best is, to use the given login features.
Every user gets an account, log out after you started your print.
For I'm the only user here, I don't know if it is possible with a shared system, that one user can pause/cancel another one's print job.

There is actually some real strange behavior as far as I am concerned.
The State tab shows the user that selected the current file to print under "User", but not the user who hit the "Print" button.

But yes, all of this "who did what" should be relative to the login feature IMO, but I thought that was obvious? :wink:

I'm actually starting to find this rather terrifying, the user who started a print does not even seem to be logged in the log file, much less shown on the UI.

I guess as great as Octoprint is authorization and auditing is a total afterthought. Not a criticism, just a warning.

@bkuker That's probably a good feature request to suggest over at the repository: "please log any login activities".

Would be bonus to see login name of who started the latest print, even on the open page, before logging in.

It definitely is possible to cancel someone else's job. I've done it. Not sure if only admins are allowed to do it. Would be an interesting experiment.

I added a feature request (#2982)

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