Why an Octopus?

Why is the logo for Octoprint an Octopus? I'm interested in the history there.

From her own words foosel wrote about this earlier.

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Yea, the origin story on that link is dead. Is it preserved anywhere else?

I made a copy before G+ went the way of the dodo but I can't find it at the moment.

In a nutshell: I asked for suggestions for a name and a logo, a fellow open source dev and good friend of mine suggested "Pick a cute animal, preferably with tentacles, ...", my best friend jumped in with a picture of a very early version of the octopus, I objected to calling it "OctoPrint" as immediately and enthusiastically suggested by the other dev, said that I wanted to somehow add a crystal ball to the mix because remote monitoring, my best friend stuffed the octopus into a crystal ball:

and then I felt bad for the little guy and he was allowed to stay, together with the name.

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"A cute animal, preferably with tentacles" - So your choices were JellyPrint, SquidPrint and OctoPrint?!
So you were basically bamboozled into OctoPrint :sweat_smile:

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I actually suggested Surricatus Tentaculus, the cthulian meerkat, but it didn't gain any traction :woman_shrugging:


Oh my. I finally see the crystal ball in the OctoPrint logo. All this time I thought it was a pearl!

This is all the Interweb coughed up when I searched for that.

Great, now I want that.

And @kurtnelle, glad we could clarify that XD

Is there a 3d model of the Octoprint logo that we can print?



combining form

  1. eight; having eight.


Octopus .. strings attached like tethered arms of a octopus - i.e.,
Octoprint tethered to do different things for you and the 3D Print world ..


Someone just like the looks of an octopus .... he he!

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Cover of my PSU & OctoPrint Unit:

(next one will be white instead yellow)

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I think, this one is better :slight_smile:


And does this octopus has a name ?

Please don't answer "OctoPrint". Even penguins have a name. And it's not Linux. I ask this question because I didn't find any answer on the web, between 2 compiles.

As a diver, I love octopusses. With groupers, they are the only non-mammals animals there's some sort of communication with. But groupers eat octopusses :frowning: .

I'm not quite sure if @foosel has a name for it.
If not, we may can collect some suggestions.

I've somehow started to refer to it as Octavian in my head a while ago.


An Octopus has 9 brains, 3 hearts and chronic high blood pressure. Does that make it a good or bad choice?

Only in case of undervoltage or overheating... :sunglasses:

Searching the web with "octavian", Google shows : Octavian dropped by record label after abuse allegations - BBC News
maybe not the best name for now.
Found this : Funny Octopus Names | List of Cute Names for Pet Octopuses