WiFi help (OctoPi related) OK?

I was thinking of making a preemptive help post in the "Get Help" section about the common WiFi connection issue caused by using Apple's TextEdit and Windows WordPad (and Windows NotePad? I've heard that can cause problems, but have never used it).

Then it occurred to me that this is really an OctoPi-related issue. However, I'm sure you regularly get asked about this, so maybe it's a time saver for you to have something like that up here.

What do you think? Is posting on an OctoPi related issue something you'd rather avoid here? It's not a plugin, so not appropriate for posting in that section.

It's definitely something I see as belonging here :slight_smile: OctoPi related questions are actually a huge part of the regular support requests I see and I'd say OctoPi is pretty much "OctoPrint related". I guess I should adjust the "Get Help" description to make this clear hah, I already had this in there, one step ahead of myself :smile:

In the meantime, go ahead :slight_smile:

I'm wondering, why nobody already created a plugin to change the network and wifi settings the easy way.
I think, this would be a time and issue saver everybody would install on his pi.:+1:

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I wonder about a lot of things :wink:

In that particular case though I can tell you from personal experience that it's a bit tricky. I built netconnectd and an accompanying OctoPrint plugin to tackle this issue incl. hotspot setup and such a couple years ago, but ran into loads of problems thanks to varying wifi chipsets out there (that was also before the Pi came with built in wifi) and hence it never took off.

And something that would just allow you to configure the wifi over ... wifi ... would kinda cause issues with this whole hen-egg-scenario.

I think guysoft has something in the pipeline for the next OctoPi release, but I don't know details yet (and admittedly also haven't had time to look closer).

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