Wikipedia page for OctoPrint


look at allllllllll the changes. The article is 10x longer, mostly in the refs.

@FormerLurker can you upload a really good OctoLapse looping animated GIF to Wikimedia? It's a (legal) PITA for me to do it unless it's from my own printer, and I don't have 'lapses that look as beautiful as yours. I'd suggest PD or CC-BY on the copyright.


Wow. Seriously. That's a lot of added content. Should breeze past the "not enough references" checks now.
Only one addition that it needs, still: OctoPi. I see a couple of references to it in the "further reading section."
Actually, a screenshot of the main interface would be good, too. I can add that, and the copy about OctoPi, if you'd like.




Please do add it, yeah. It needs to be put in sections with a 'lede' written, the table of contents looks weird 2/3rds of the way down the page :slight_smile:


Two things I noticed (and do not want to edit myself, don't want it to look funny):

  1. It states that the Patreon numbers are as of Feb 2018 instead of 2019 (I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one still defaulting to 2018 on dates though :joy:).
  2. The reference to the "how to securely access remotely" blog post quotes me as the author when it is in fact @jubaleth

Other than that: :heart_eyes:


I fixed the date. I can't find the reference to the blog post that quotes you as the author.



OK, added a screenshot.
Gotta go do family stuff for a while. Will add info on OctoPi later tonight or tomorrow.



Hey, @foosel: since I'm setting up this Wikipedia page and all, do you think I can get a free copy of OctoPrint? :joy:


"OctoPrint development was financially supported by the Spanish smartphone manufacturer beginning in August 2014."

I'd change "the" to "a" or I'd indicate "BQ" in this sentence and then say "they" in the following one.

"These include advanced timelapse videos that trigger by layer and position the model and print head properly, 3D design collection sites such as MyMiniFactory,, integrating OctoPrint with Android apps and Android Wear modules,a Pebble smartwatch,, software integrations with printers such as BigBox3D, MakerGear M3, and Robo 3D printers, and both software and hardware integrations with Prusa, Proforge 2S, and the industrial-level GEWO HTP 260 and AON printers. It has also been used by Thomas Sanladerer in a PrintrBot as a self-contained and fully mobile printer build."

That's some sentence. I've temporarily removed the footnotes which now make it easier to see that there are sometimes spaces missing after commas and at least one double comma. Here's my take on it (attempting to introduce semicolons and colons to break things up into separate ideas).

"These include support for advanced timelapse videos that trigger by layer, positioning the model and print head properly; support for 3D design collection sites such as MyMiniFactory and; the integration of OctoPrint with Android apps, Android Wear modules and a Pebble smartwatch; software integrations with printers such as BigBox3D, MakerGear M3 and Robo 3D printers as well as both software and hardware integrations with Prusa, Proforge 2S, the industrial-level GEWO HTP 260 and AON printers. OctoPrint has also been used by Thomas Sanladerer in a PrintrBot as a self-contained and fully-mobile printer build."

Given that Europe's GDPR caused foosel to spend a fair amount of time tweaking things, it might be good to reference the topic.

Talking about the REST API would in my own mind be a good addition to its amazing features.

I'm used to seeing the history of OctoPrint in this case under an actual section called History.

I link the Cura wiki page in case it's inspiring at all.

Some statistics might remind the reader that OctoPrint is a big player in this space.

Is the Type really a slicing application?


Go do it :slight_smile: I'll give Gina a pass but not you. heh.


Ah, good point! Imho that is misleading (especially since 1.3.11 won't be shipping with the Cura plugin anymore, I unbundled it). Not sure if there's a host software category, but if not it just needs to be established :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it was fixed already.


OK, changed the Type ("genre") description to read "3d printer control application" and kept it linked to the article on 3D printing.


Which parts did you agree with (and I'll try to jump in there this weekend).


It's all good! Improve away.


I just spent like an hour attempting to edit that... only to find that you've been in there today editing that. I'm not going to merge all that together, it's not worth my time.

Seriously, Wikipedia's editing mechanism is 20th century at best.

When things settle down, I'll consider trying again but not like this.


I just added a small section on OctoPi.
I think the article just needs maybe a little formatting, and it's ready to be published. I need to publish it pretty soon so I can add the logo in. Otherwise it's going to be delete for not being used in an article (because drafts don't count).


Yep. I posted on the reviewer's talk page, waiting for a response to be nice, but it's probably good to go. They complained about my excessive use of refs :slight_smile:


I think it's time to publish it, @geek65535 .


OK, I pressed the button. It's up to Wolfram and Hart the powers that be.


What I don't get is why so many articles exist in this state:


Hey, I'll check this out. Neat idea!