Wikipedia page for OctoPrint

I was just looking around at some of the resources for OctoPrint, and realized that there is no Wikipedia page for it. So I started one. It's just a draft right now, but I am hoping that some folks here can help add to it so that it can be published.

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oh boy :slight_smile: I'm an administrator. I'll have to recuse myself from adminning on it, but please don't publish it until you ask here, okay? Bonus points for watching/listening to a young Molly Lewis singing about not having a Wikipedia article.

@foosel please review the license for the image; IDK what you've licensed it as, but that's probably the biggest issue that will get annoying soon. Let me know if you need to do a 'release' or anything. Note a "noncommerical" stipulation means it can't be used on Wikipedia/Wikimedia.

Uff... honestly, that's a bit tricky. I'm not a lawyer, but I definitely don't consider the logo open source, simply to protect the brand. See also here on usage terms. I have no problem with putting it in a Wikipedia article (in fact, I'd be thrilled about that), but I also don't want to give away any rights for that to happen. There appears to be a solution for that though, but someone with more editing experience on Wikipedia will need to look into this.

I won't publish without checking in here, no problem.
I'm not sure what to do with the logo, although I think that use in Wikipedia would fall under section 1.2 of the Trademark rules.
Also, according to this page:
@foosel could use the "declaration of consent" release generator ( to give Wikipedia explicit consent. That would probably be the cleanest way of handling it.


PS Thanks, @foosel, for a great tool. I use it practically every day.

The problem with the "declaration of consent" thing is that it demands a license which allows commercial use:


I don't want to give everyone out there to right to use the logo commercially, I have no problems however with having it shown on Wikipedia. As far as I understand there's a distinction made here between Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia itself. The latter allows inclusion of logo imagery that has rights attached, under fair use clauses, the former does not.

Well, that kind of sucks.
Sounds like the best thing is to go with uploading it directly to wikipedia (instead of wikimedia commons) and marking it as fair use. My only problem with that is that I haven't made the minimum 10 edits to get me auto-confirmed (and therefore have the ability to upload images).
@tedder42 Do you have the ability to upload to wikipedia directly?


I think I fixed that and you are autoconfirmed now. If not you are halfway there for the number of edits :slight_smile:

Let me know if not.

I'm confirmed now. Thanks!
OK, I've reuploaded the logo to wikipedia proper and marked it as copyright, and fair use. That should preserve your rights, @foosel, and keep wikipedia happy.
Now it's just down to fleshing out the article.


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Wow. This should be interesting especially since OctoPrint has now grown to be the web interface for controlling all sorts of things beyond just 3D printers.

I can't say that I've ever wanted to participate in the big Wiki but for this one, I can see considering to contribute.

I'm guessing that Guy will also be interested in all of this. There's got to be a point where OctoPi is mentioned.

Something I just noticed - It's OctoPrint, never Octoprint :wink:


I'm guessing you are talking about the URL for the draft page. That's a limitation of the wikipedia software. You can reference it with camel case, though:


Octoprint and OctoPrint are different wiki pages. I moved it to the camelcased version, so your original link fails now :slight_smile:

That's even weirder than I thought. Because when I had the original "Octoprint" link, and changed the URL to "OctoPrint", it just worked.

Probably caching. There are two hard problems in computer science, caching, naming, and off by one errors.


And I encounter all of them on a daily basis when working on OctoPrint :sob:

I've submitted my draft for review. It needs some help, still, but that logo was driving me crazy. Once I finally got the licensing and "fair use" issues satisfied, Wikipedia started complaining that it wasn't associated with an article, and would be deleted in seven days. Apparently, a draft article doesn't cut it, so I'm publishing.


Right. Because it's being used under 'fair use rationale' type stuff, the only possible fair use is an article (not a draft or talk page or etc). I'll go take a look at it.

It looks like the article was rejected for lack of references. I'll try to work on it over the weekend, but if you would like to add to it in the meantime, I certainly wouldn't complain.

DO NOT EDIT IT. I have an epic edit going.