Windows userid and password

For those not wanting to enter their user id and password in Windows every time the start Octoprint, you're welcome to use this freeware program I wrote -

I haven't had to update it in over a year and a half, but it still works fine with W10.

In the keys to send field, just enter:
where xxx is your user id, and yyy your password.

Alternatively, if you have a Google Home, you can use another program I wrote - to start Octoprint with your voice, however its a more involved to set up initially. For it, the keys to send are:
{wait999}{enter} {wait999}xxx{TAB}yyy{ENTER}
again where xxx is your user id, and yyy your password.

Hope this helps

and PS: before you ask - no, sorry, I don't have a version for the Mac.

Is source code available for either of these to allow for review and compiling on our own? I'd be hesitant to give anyone my login credentials.


Hi jneilliii - No, I haven't made them open source. I understand your hesitation. However, to help install confidence, I do digitally sign my executables with a code signing certificate. Also, if you want to read up some other freeware, careware and shareware products I have - going back as far as 1998 - then you are welcome to visit

It's just not "best practices" to ship your credentials to any third party, to be honest. The cloud-revolution has wrongly taught everyone to do so and yet I still don't love the practice.

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