Would like to run php-scripts at commandline on octopi @ raspi 3


i would like to run some php-script files on my octopi (raspi 3) at command-line.

Why i would like to to so:

I have an unsused DECT-switch-connector (AVM DECT 200).
I plan to use this device to switch on/off my Ender 5 before / after printing. AVM (my Web-Router (is always on)) had a web-Interface that can switch (and some other stuff) this devices. So i have to start some php-scripts to do switching the Ender on/off.

I want to run this scripts manually via menu or (later) by event from octoprint. But before this could run, it is nessesary to install php(5) and php-mbstring on raspberry.

Afaik, this packages could be installed by

apt-get install php php-mbsting

but i got an error. The source could not be found.
Perhaps i have to change the repository-source but what´s about octopi-sources?
I don´t want to loose the update-function by octopi / octoprint.

Thanks Horex1200

Ähm you wrote it wrong?

php-mbstring not... php-mbsting

Hello Schnello,

thanks for your quick response...

Yes i wrote a mismatch... but i found the resolution by myself.

I had to start the following command first:

sudo apt-get update

followed by

sudo apt-get install php php-mbstring

... because of the nessesary xml-parsing i also need

sudo apt-get install php-simplexml

Now it´s running ....

Regards Horex1200