Wrong time in the browsers tab title

Hello together,

i'm quite new to OctoPi. Im using it to print files directly. Additionally to the original plugins i'm using the Plugin Printtimegenius. I'm living in germany so i use the local time all over the system.

I realized that that Plugin (or whatever) does show a wrong time as End time at the browsers (Brave) tab. Whilst the calculation at the dashboard shows the correct ending time of a print that tab shows the wime one hour behind. I guess that the day saving time isn't integrated.

This is informational as a small bug report.


Hello @GuruSMI!

That is because the Pi is running on a different time zone.

If you are familiar with SSH, you can set your local time zone there:

This is a quite detailed description how to do:

Please note that the login screen for OctoPi looks different:

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Thanks for your hint. It worked.

This is strange as two different points are used to obtain the date/time. Nobody will think about two different sources in that case. My Timezone was Europe/london and not europe/berlin.

And yes i know about linux and unix. I worked quite a long time with that systems. :wink:

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