WS281x LED Status can't get SPI configured

Appologies in advance, I am not very savvy when it comes to Rpi's or Octoprint. I am trying to add some neopixels for status to my lack enclosure and cannot get the WS281x LED Status plugin configured and working.

Here is the hardware:

  • Rpi 4b
  • Adafruit neopixel strip (24 LEDs)
  • LRS-100-5 PSU to srive the LEDs

I install the app and run the configuration wizard and get the below error:
3 Failed Tests:
To run the OS commands, we need the password for Pi, since they require root access.

*Password for Pi *
If you haven't changed it, this would be raspberry

SPI Enabled

  • This test did not pass*

  • Fix this now*
    SPI buffer size increased

  • This test did not pass*

  • Fix this now*
    core_freq_min correct in /boot/config.txt

  • This test did not pass*

  • Fix this now*

I am logged in to the octoprint server as an admin and when I enter the password in the config wizard it still does not work. When I click on the "fix this now" boxes they say "fixed!", but I still don't seem to be able to complete the configuration. Thank you in advance for your advice!

Can you upload the octoprint.log file? (Or systeminfo bundle) (258.6 KB)

I think this is what you are looking for. Thanks!

It seems to be reporting that the password is incorrect:

2022-03-06 10:32:12,157 - octoprint.plugins.ws281x_led_status.commandline - ERROR - STDOUT: ['\n', 'We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System\n', 'Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:\n', '\n', ' #1) Respect the privacy of others.\n', ' #2) Think before you type.\n', ' #3) With great power comes great responsibility.\n', '\n', '[sudo] password for pi: Sorry, try again.\n', '[sudo] password for pi: \n', 'sudo: no password was provided\n', 'sudo: 1 incorrect password attempt\n']

Did you use the default raspberry? Or (hopefully) you changed the password when you set it up? It's not the same as the user to log into OctoPrint, it's the system user for the Pi.

Gotchya, that makes sense. Thanks! let me make sure I am using the Pi PW not the one for Octoprint.

Thanks for this, I was able to get the plugin loaded correctly! Unfortunately I now have the random colors and flashing issue. The ground is good, so I will be double checking the LED PSU voltage and trying the resistor fix next. These are the adafruit SK6812 LEDs, and I was under the impression that this would not be necessary. Is there any other known issues with these LEDs? Thanks again for the excellent support of your work!

Sorry, I don't know anything off the top of my head for that kind of problem - usually it's the grounding issue but you've already ruled that out. The only time I've had flashing like that is the ground problem, and the rest of my knowledge is as good as what I've read from other people solving problems.

So sorry, I'm out of ideas - hoping maybe someone else can suggest something.

Thank you sir!!
Based off of your last comment I went back and checked the ground again. THAT WAS IT! I am so glad you replied as I was about to embark on more major "fixes" that surely would have ended in frustration. So far I love this plug in and will contribute to the other thread once I complete the install on the enclosure.
Thanks again!

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