WS281x LED Status Chat & Showcase

Hey there! Developer of OctoPrint WS281x LED Status here. I have been working on this plugin for nearly two months, and it's been on the official repo for nearly a month now.
I have had some great feedback from users, but I wanted to see how people had set it up, so here we are!

If you are using my plugin, post a picture below of your setup!

I am just getting through setting up my 2nd strip, so I can keep the other specifically for development. Once it is done, I'll join in!

You can also use this thread for a general chat, or any questions that you have. Maybe you don't have an LED strip yet, and want to find out how easy? Or got a question about how to use a particular feature? I'll help out as much as I can.

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Here's my current hacked-together setup on the printer...

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Great plugin (not so great photo!), thanks for all your hard work!

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Great placement for the Prusa Mini. I'm debating whether to mount mine horizontally or vertically on my Ender 5 Pro coming this week. Should look a lot nicer than the taped together setup above.... I like seeing what people do with it! Enjoy.

Thanks :grinning: I was planning something different but saw this design to clip into the extrusion and thought it would work, at least until I build some form of enclosure for the printer.

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