WS281x LED Status on rPi4b with Hyperpixel 4.0

Greetings. I didn't see this question asked before, so...

I already have a touchscreen LCD HAT attached to my rPi4b using up the GPIO pin 10.
Is it possible to use this plugin with i2c instead?

No, unfortunately not. WS281x LEDs require very specific timing, and can only be driven using SPI or PWM, but PWM is only available when run as root - which is bad for webservers to have root access.

From what I remember, the hyperpixel takes up a lot of GPIO pins, and doesn't leave many left over.

You may be interested in WLED, where there is a plugin coming soon that will allow for connection to WLED to control the LEDs.

Bummer. I found an i2c Neopixel controller script for arduino. so I was going to use the i2c and arduino to control the neo

I think I know/have seen what you are thinking of - an arduino board with the LEDs, communicating with the plugin over i2c. Technically that would be possible, if you wanted to modify the plugin yourself to send messages over i2c instead of directly to the LED strips.

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Thanks for your time and responses!

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I recently came across a robot arm plugin that does this communication to an arduino and might be able to re-use some of that code/logic possibly. Looks like it's being actively developed.

@Charlie_Powell is right though, the HyperPixel I'm pretty sure uses all the pins so even PWM wouldn't work.

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