1.3.5 updated to 1.3.8 no error. Reboot and back to 1.3.5


I guess the title says it all. I'm currently at 1.3.5. Updated successfully to 1.3.8 with no errors. Version reports 1.3.8. I restart or reboot and I'm back at 1.3.5 with all the pop-ups shown to update to 1.3.8.
Any ideas? Is there something I need to to to make the update permanent?

Wanted to add that a Octoprint restart will remain at 1.3.8. A reboot will revert to 1.3.5.


Did you ever figure this out? I'm very frustrated with a similar situation happening to me. I update, install plugins, everything seems fine, even after restart all is good, but a reboot resets to how it was before. I even replaced the SD card with a new one with a fresh install of octopi and it did the exact same thing. I'm very confused as to how the problem would carry over with a new SD card.


Is it possible that it didn't carry over? What if OctoPrint is indeed on the new version and your browser is using a cached/earlier version? I think I would do a hard reload/refresh on my browser or clear the history perhaps and try again.

Or I'd use curl from a command line:

curl http://octopi.local 2> nul | grep DISPLAY_VERSION
#    var DISPLAY_VERSION = "1.3.9";