1.4.0rc3 File Upload / print ability

Anyone using 1.4.0rc3 find that they have to disconnect and reconnect after uploading a new file. I have been using Octoprint for some time with a KingRoon KP3 with Marlin 2.0 and it had been working flawlessly. Updated today to rc3 and now when I upload a file, the print icon is greyed out until I disconnect them reconnect. Then all good and prints fine.

Are you talking about the main print button, or the print icon within the file browser? I just checked the latter, and it appears as though the icon is gray sometimes unexpectedly. If you select the file, the main print button appears to work:

Is this what you are seeing? Might have to create a bug report and post to git. Maybe this is intentional for some reason?

Yes that is exactly it. Thanks.

Jay McDonald

I added this to the 1.4.0rc3 feedback issue in github here. If it's an actual issue (not by design) I'm sure I will be asked to create an issue for this if @foosel does not.

So, @foosel confirmed that this was by design, and was not a bug. However, it looks like this behavior might be changed in an upcoming release since this has apparently caused some confusion. Let's hope that the switch, if it occurs, will not cause further confusion!