1.4 Update disappears after reboot

Ok so 2 issues really. For a long time i've been deleting files in the Files area. They delete... but when i reboot they are back again. This is similar to my current issue which is.... updating to 1.4.

It updates... shows 1.4 installed. but if i reboot... it goes back to 1.3.12.
I've tried safe mode and fresh cache but made no difference. Not sure what it could be. How does an update get removed on a reboot?

I might guess that the 1.4 update didn't finish for some reason. I might guess that your file deletion didn't finish for some reason. But I would be guessing because you didn't feel like including your logs.

Yeah i debated the logs thing. I will include it. The 1.4 update finished cause when it updates it i see the new version listed. But after a reboot. It rolls back. Will go get the logs now sir....octoprint(1).log (58.8 KB)

To be honest, to me this sounds like a corrupt filesystem. Failing SD card? In short, make a backup, get a new card.

Cool. That was my next step if this didnt resolve things. Thanks for trying.