100% CPU after uploading gcode, no printing started

I'm using the resource monitor and when I upload a file the CPU stays pegged. Its not even loaded. I had a bunch of files uploaded and once I deleted them all, CPU when to 10% or so. Once I uploaded 1 file, it pegged at 100%. Once I start the print, the CPU normalizes.

You can see in the pic that the CPU was fine. Once I uploaded the gcode, the CPU remained at 100% until I loaded it and started printing.

Prusa mk3s with a Pi Zero W ( I know they're under powered). Pi0 or not, why'd it be at 100% at rest? Unless maybe its the plugin. /shrug (=

GCODE analysis. 99% sure. Computationally expensive, gets started after upload of a file, gets aborted on start of a print because it takes up so many CPU resources. Underpowered 0W makes this drastically visible. Please do not use unrecommended hardware.


Thanks for the quick and precise response! I have the Pi3 since my last post about the Visualizer, but its still in the box.

Well, of course this pi W is the one that is able to plugin directly in the printer without mods and was the one selected by Prusa a while ago.
And it works fine still with the current version of Octoprint but you might want to disable some plugins.

I use it too, with only the basic Octoprint with a filament-detector plugin and no pi-camera enabled. Than it is still able to cope with the load. The 'guestimate' time is now what I read in the slicer and during printing it is ok enough.
Normally during prints the % is around 60-80% so the processor is not overheating.

Probably better to upgrade the hardware some time though to use newer features and more plugins.

Without consulting me first I might add, or I'd have heavily advised against it because I already knew this thing was underpowered for anything that involves WiFi traffic due to my own tests right during its release. That's an inherent problem with the hardware btw and has nothing to do with OctoPrint.

I learned about the "OctoPrint readiness" of the Einsy from press releases and yes, when I read the hardware recommendation my reaction did involve my face and the palm of my right hand. Communication would have been soooo nice instead of leaving it to me now to warn their users...

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Yes, I was noticing that too.
I really hope that producers will contact you first before implementing these things, at least in the future.

Finally got some time to get this up and running. Still waiting on a GPIO Einsy connector then replacing the Pi0 in my mk3s.

I swapped the sdcard from the Pi0 and put it in the Pi3b+ and Octoprint was up and running within 45 seconds. The Pi0 took at least 3-4 minutes.