2 camera setup with octoprint


Hey guys, i am trying to get 2 cameras to run on my octoprint, a pi camera and Logitech 270. i can get one or the other but not both with the multi cam plugin. What is the easiest way to make this work. Could i get a second pi to make the stream and then link it to the other one. its a pi 3+, forgot the mention that.


Hi @Kyle_Wenner,

a quick forum search gave this for OctoPrint: How can I configure dual cameras 1 Pi camera and 1 USB camera on a dual printer setup


Here's the writeup.


Thanks I thanks, I'll get a pi zero w to run the other camera then.


Well i finally got my pi zero w. I followed that guide and could not get the camera to work, i was trying it with a Logitech 720? Any ideas what i`m doing wrong?


I understand that foosel herself has a Logitiech 270. Read through this and see if it helps for configuring mjpg_streamer for that camera. My tutorial was created for the official Raspberry camera itself.


Is there a filament runout plugin out there that can handle dual
sensors (I have a dual extruder machine)

In an ideal world I would like it to be able to swap extruders when
one runs out, but I realise that this is likely to be rather difficult
in practice (effectively requiring the G-code to be re-written
on-the-fly to use a different T)

But, I would at least like to be able to set which sensor is being
sensed, or preferebaly have it chosen automatically based on the
current tool number.

Do any of the current plugins offer any or all of these facilities?


@andypugh This seems a bit off-topic. Why not start a new thread for this?


ok, i used this video and write up and not got the camera to turn on but i can not connect to the stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNKbZsrsKVs


ok i finally got it!! i forgot to turn off stream_localhost. i set the max frame rate at 100 and adjusted the resolution, it is clear but very laggy, any fix for that?


Ok I got both cameras so I can switch between them on my PC but not on my phone. Also can I get both on them to display with the anywhere plugin, it's also just displaying one?