2 Printers 2 Raspbarry's ?

Hello all.

I have been using Octoprint with great pleasure for a few months now. Since I am a total noob in Raspbarry things I managed to install via youtube and Google Octoprint on a Pi3.
I really enjoy it. especially with the camera upgrade.
However, I now have a second printer and I would also like to be able to operate it via Octoprint.
I did some Googling and I see that there are 2 printers on 1 Raspbarry. Only I don't find an easy how to. I have made a few attempts, but that did not go well.
So I think to buy a 2nd Raspbarry and put an Octoprint on it for the other printer. Purely because I really don't know how to use 2 printers on 1 Raspbarry.

What do you think about that? or is it not that difficult but am I following the wrong how to's (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Saa1Hp ... ChrisRiley).

Thanks for reading this post, and hope for some wise advice.

Gr nonaak :D

Check out this video By Chris Riley. It should give you everything you need for 2 printers on 1 RPi.

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IMO, one RPi per printer is the way to go. The 3D printing process is an almost real-time process. If the gcode commands aren't delivered in a timely fashion, blobs, zits, and other artifacts on the printed object can appear.

While current RPi models have multi-core processors, more memory capacity, and multiple USB ports, the USB hardware implementation is shared between those multiple ports.

The cost of an additional RPi is still small compared to the cost of a 3D printer so saving that cost at the expense of possible printing problems doesn't seem worth it to me.

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