2 printers running Octopi

I have been enjoying using Octopi to run and monitor my Lulzbot Mini and now i have another printer which I would like to set up in the same way. How can I have my two printers both using Octopi and run and monitored on my Mac? Right now they both have identical Pi setups and of course conflict if I have them both powered up. How can I give the separate identities to avoid the conflict? 30 years ago I was a techie, helping others, now I'm just old and need a simplified approach :slight_smile:

Pretty sure you just have to change one of the devices hostname. I think you can do that by SSH'ing to your pi and running sudo raspi-config. It's under network options > hostname. Of course, you could always just access octoprint using the IP address rather than name and you don't have to change the hostname for that at all and have both on.

Thanks. I will give the first option a try. I figured a name change should do it but couldn't remember how to do it :slight_smile:]

You can do it via SSH and raspi-config