20 min print estimated as 3 hours


This is a copy of a post on PrintTimeGenius repo. Everything need for posting here is included.

EDIT2: This is also happening with PrintTimeGenius disabled. Any idea what could cause this? I'll post this on Octoprint.

OctoPrint Version: Version 1.3.9
PrintTimeGenius Version (if you know): Latest
What did you try: Normal print
What happenned: 20 min print estimated as 3 hours

I've enclosed the gcode file (as .txt).
lens test.txt

Settings ...

Edit: Simplify3d estimated exactly 20 mins. Actual print time was 00:25:59.


How many times have you printed the file?
OP gets more accurate after multiple printings.


So, when OctoPrint's analyser is off, it seems to be an issue if PrintTimeGenius...


I usually one print one of each file. This is more than an accuracy problem. It is off by 900%.


It happens with or without PrintTimeGenius which is weird. Also, I have seen it with two different files. I don't know if the problem happened before last release.


I tested your attached file and my OctoPrint gives me 21 minutes...



Thanks. When my octoprint is done its current print I'll test again.

I assume you were on the same octoprint version?


Can you link to the github issue?



I think the problem is only happening with PrintTimeGenius. A new test looked good. I'll go back and test with PTG enable. I hope I'm not wasting everyone's time.


FWIW I get 27 minutes on my mini delta for a PTG estimate.


@mchahn: Actually I use 1.3.10rc1


Although technically accurate this week, your post will be lying in a month from now. It's best if you visit the Plugin Manager and put the version you're using of the plugin in question.

When new people visit this post a few months from now they'll get the wrong impression that there's still a problem since the term "Latest" is fairly subjective over time.


I went to the plugin manager and couldn't find any version. I know saying latest is a problem but the post does have a date on it.

The problem is not happening without the plugin. Apparently I was mistaken when I did that follow-up test. Again, sorry to bother everyone here.


No problem. See it like this: It's knowledge sharing.


It's okay- it's nice to be able to search and find threads when someone has a similar problem.