3.5 inch XPT2046 Touch Controller on OctoPi WhiteScreen

What is the problem?
Unable to configure my touch screen. Would appreciate help
What did you already try to solve it?
Looked at websites which involve Raspbian/Jessie OS install for example Jessie Install but was unable to use mkdir I only installed OctoPi on my SD card.
Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint 1.5.1, OctoPi 0.17.0, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)

octopi 0.17.0 is based on buster so it's possible this guides are outdated.

what happened when you tried to mkdir?

I guess one thing you need is the desktop environment.
You can install it with
sudo /home/pi/scripts/install-desktop

I have done that but still didn't work. When I typed mkdir, it showed me unable to create directory

Did you use it with the folder name like mkdir test or just mkdir ?
Depending where you want to create the folder you have to use sudo as in sudo mkdir test.
I can't really help you with the display though.

Did you use it with the folder name like mkdir test or just mkdir ?
of course I would not just use 'mkdir'. But the mkdir is not really a concern at the moment but rather how to get the display working. Have attempted https://github.com/CytronTechnologies/xpt2046-LCD-Driver-for-Raspberry-Pi & https://www.elecrow.com/wiki/index.php?title=3.5_Inch_480x320_TFT_Display_with_Touch_Screen_for_Raspberry_Pi but does not seem to work. Since the LCD display I have is brandless I'm not sure which driver is compatible

This post might help you