A way to heat bed and end at same time?

What is the problem?

Looking for a way to heat both (bed and end) at same time when i start a print. I know this take more current but it's ok for me.

What did you already try to solve it?

I looked in preference but i didn't find anything about this

Thank you


This is defined by slicer, so you should look for an option there.

I can also throw a plugin at you that might help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

Preheat button for your currently selected file

There's also this new button in the newer OctoPrint versions, that allows you to set both at the same time.



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Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Keep forgetting you added that in!

Edit: Now not sure if that was you, but either way forgot about it :roll_eyes:

There are two distinct G-code command for heat and heat-and-wait. You can set the target temperatures for the hotend and bed with the no-waiting variety and after this send the commands that wait.

I have in cura the following command in the start G-code

;*** Start Preheating ***
M140 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; start preheating the bed
M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} T0 ; start preheating hotend
;G28 ; home
M190 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; heat to Cura Bed setting
M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} T0 ; heat to Cura Hotend setting
;*** End Preheating ***

With this the heating of hotend and bed runs at the same time. Way faster than one after the other.

It works thank you. I copied your command at the beginning of start-g command.