Access control for Octolapse

Is there any way of allowing access control to the timelapses of the Octolapse plugin rather than the built-in timelapse feature? I imagine access control would have to be through the main code rather than provided by the plugins. The built-in timelapse doesn't seem to want to playback the ones created with Octolapse.

I'm not sure if I understand the problem. Can you download and view the timelapse files manually? They are only viewable in the browser if they are MP4 files.

Can you clarify what you mean by 'access control'? What would you like to happen?

Hi Charlie. I am setting up a social enterprise based around 3D printing, to allow access to printers but I need some fine grained control over what people can do or see. I can use the OctoPi settings to set some things but not for Octolapse, unless it can tie into the security settings of OctoPi. The built in timelapse functionality is not as good as Octolapse but I can set access control for that. Unfortunately it does not seem to want to play videos recorded by Octolapse but I'd rather allow access to Octolapse to view or download files but not change settings.

Thanks, I understand things here now.

You would have to make a request to the OctoLapse plugin to implement OctoPrint's granular permission system - I've done it for some of my plugins - it has to be done from the plugin side. OctoLapse doesn't see many updates (as it is so large, it is a lot of effort to work on) so you might not get anywhere soon unfortunately.

Thanks Charlie