Access /home/ folder from reading sd card?

What is the problem?

It seems that some of octopi files are corrupted on my sd card. I would like to access to /home/ folder when I insert sd card in windows machine as I have some custom scripts written that I forgot actually what exactly commands are in it, as I made them for Lumix cameras for octolapse.

What did you already try to solve it?

Backup sd card and restore it

Windows can't read/access the Linux partition that you want, without some help in the form of 3rd party software. I have used 'Diskinternals Linux Reader' in the past, but it is not great as you can just view files still. Might help you if you just need one thing, but you won't be able to backup anything really. Otherwise, you will need another Linux (or MacOS) system to read it.

How corrupted are we talking? If the Pi still boots & connects to the network, you may be able to get your answer via SSH, even if OctoPrint won't run.

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Well thats the problem, I can't boot into it even when connect directly to TV. It starts to load and then just go blank. I made backup with Disk Imager just to keep complete system as backup in case I find a solution. How can I access it via mac os? As I have mac in my studio although I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible just for video/photo editing..

Charlie, your suggestion helped me! I got all necessary files back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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For future reference, I'd suggest purchasing a USB SD card reader/writer like this and then plug the old card into one of the RPi's USB ports, mount it, and copy the files you want to keep manually.

This USB SD card reader/writer can then be used later to backup the existing card on the RPi and other things.

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