Access problem with Octoprint. User and pass


Hi guys, im new here. Im from Italy and im sorry for my bad english.
Ive a problem! I cant sign in into the octoprint server. I dont remember user and pass. Ive tried everything. Someone knows a solution?! Thank u. image|666x500


Hi @Cacio89,

you may have a look at this:

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I did it yesterday but nothing. I used the program “putty” to go into the command line and when i put the commands nothing happened. The same, with other commands


At the prompt (pi@octopi), can you type in ls -a and share the results?
And also ls ~/.octoprint -a


Here it is


There is no more useres.yaml to remove...


so, what can i do now?


When you login to the web front end now, you do not get the setup menu again?


Nope. I have this


im going crazy. the page ask me for a log in again.


The guide tells you to do three steps. You only did the first, removing the users.yaml (or maybe for some reason it was already gone).

Continue with the other two steps.

rm ~/.octoprint/users.yaml
sed -i -e 's/firstRun: false/firstRun: true/g' ~/.octoprint/config.yaml
sudo service octoprint restart

I did the three steps. But ive always the log in page


no more ideas?! what if i buy a new sd or a new raspberry?!!


@Cacio89 When you first setup OctoPrint (during the Setup Wizard), did you create a user or not for that "User Access" screen?


@OutsourcedGuru Yes i did it. i cliked on “enable user access” during the first setup . But I finally solved the problem and now everything works! But i did the user access again but without problem this time. Anyway, thanks for everything.