Accidentally pull camera cable out mid 4 day print

Hey guys, please help me!!! I am 16 hours into a 4 day print and I just knocked the camera cable out of the Pi camera and now I have " Webcam Stream Loading".

Is there any way to get the camera back connected while the printer is still printing?


I can't access my ocoprint right now to verify my suggestion - but because you need the information fast try:

sudo /home/pi/scripts/webcam stop
/home/pi/scripts/webcam start

Fingers crossed

This returns command not found.

Sry I don't know exactly where the webcam script is located.
Maybe @foosel can help you when she gets up

I've had this happen to me. I knocked the camera off it's mount and the cable came off. I decided to just wait for the print to finish and not risk shorting something if I accidentally pushed the cable in at an angle.

sudo systemctl restart webcamd