Acess while print is running

Hello all, New member and User to Raspberry Pi and Octoprint.
General question, I hope this is the right Board.
When having issues and I want to look at the log files can I do this while a Print is running? Connected to this question is when I initiate a print from Octoprint is the file written to the SD card or the drive on the Pi? Can I SSH into the files on the Pi while prints are going on?

The reason I ask is I am trying to find information about my Cam that works and doesn't work depending on its mood, a print that stopped halfway, and with Plug-ins showing up after install looking great but do not work and but after 5 or 6 boots work and then on the next boot not working.

So I need to access the log files and have seen the post on how to but not on when you can. Thanks all.


It depends on where the file is uploaded to. If you upload to local storage then it is printed from the pi's hard drive (typically an sd card) but if you upload to SD in OctoPrint that is the SD card inserted into the printer.