Action Cam Pc Cam Mode Support

Volkano Action Cam

Octoprint will not recognize my action cam in PC camera mode , i think the issue is that the action cam needs to be plugged into the usb port before being put into pc cam mode , but then octoprint doesn't recognize it because it wasn't plugged in as a webcam when it started up.

I only tried rebooting the pi with the action camera plugged in ^^cant be in pc cam mode if the pi is off
and i also tried rebooting octoprint and not the whole pi while my camera was in pc cam mode

Cant find webcam Log, but here is octoprint log

also lsusb doesn't show the camera either

octoprint.log (167.6 KB)

Is there any way around this , im happy to accept if there isnt , but help is appreciated

Solution :
Incredibly lucky timing with unplugging pi , plugging back in and turning on PC cam mode as soon as its possible seems to have worked one time , don't know how reproducible it is

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