Action Cam + Wifi + octoprint

Thieye t5e

Connecting cam to octoprint via wifi

I can connect cam to windows via

Hi guys sorry If that appeared before. Please forgive me that's my first post here. In 2017 I bought an 4k action camera. I would like to use it to record octolapse but I'm completely noob in working on the shell etc.
I'm willing to pay someone to help my connect everything together.

So from what I tested I cannot mirror image though usb the only way I can see the preview of the frame is to connect device to the camera's wifi either android plus dedicated app or windows and gopro control application from github.

I need to add that internet connection with raspberry is also through wifi so I assume I would need addicional wifi d'ongle to establish connection between raspi and camera. I would be extremely grateful for your help.


So to get the stream into OctoPrint, it needs to be accessible from a regular browser - which it seems that gopro-control app does, so that is a necessary part.

Once that is setup, and working (which it seems you have), you can enter the URL for the camera stream into OctoPrint inside 'webcam' settings.

If it will not connect by USB natively, as you say, so you will always need a 3rd party app that can do it for you.

Yes but how to connect 2 wifi networks to one raspberry one from router and second from camera?

You only need one WiFi network. The RPi and the camera (and your desktop, phone, and any other WiFi devices) connect to the same network. You can use IP addresses but your local DHCP / DNS server probably has names for both.

Not possible with pretty much any wifi device I've used, as far as I know, you can't connect more than one device. Because it is a gopro it is probably not possible, since they are 'wifi direct', as in, they don't connect to the internet - whenever I have used one, it has disconnected me from any other networks.

My recommendation is don't waste your time, it will be incredibly unstable even if somone has hacked it together before, and just buy a cheap webcam.