Add a LED to Pi 4?

Just set up Octoprint. having an issue where the Wyzecam V2 as a webcam does not function with night vision so I am unable to see the nozzle without more direct light.

Is it possible to add a LED to the Pi thru the board or a USB or do I need to add more software to the Pi above and beyond Octopi?

Using a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and new to all of this.

I've got one of these plugged in to a Pi4 - no issues whatsoever. $2 from ebay.

Not fantastic for video, but at least lets you see a bit more than pitch black.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can go for addressable LEDs, such as WS2812 (commonly known as Neopixels, but that's the Adafruit name) and then install a nice plugin to go with them: