Add MPL3115A2 Temperature Sensor to Octoprint


I am trying to add an MPL3115A2 sensor to my printing setup. I have a python program that can read the sensor and give accurate reading of the sensor but I am not sure how best to display this on my UI. Does anyone know of any good plugins that I can write my python script to that will display on my UI?


You may try:

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I added this and can see where you'd add a custom input. I am not sure though how to attach that to my thermometer on the raspberry pi. I looked around to see where this data is being pulled from so perhaps I could write to a db but I couldn't come up with anything. Do you happen to know here this is pulling it's info from. Below is the window I am specifically referring to. It's not very clear, to me at least.

Depends on how the sensor is read. If you have a python driver for that one, you may call it via Type Command.

In your case just call the python program you have. You may use the full path of it's location