Adding support for M20 L?

Is there any reason, or objection too I guess, to adding support for M20 L command to OctoPrint? Most printers support this compared to M33, and it returns both the short and long filename vs only the long on the M33 version - and is essentially almost a drop in replacement for the existing M20 command ...

Hello @Neillans !

You may read: Releases · OctoPrint/OctoPrint · GitHub , V 1.5.0, #1600

Also, as for the marlin homepage, the L parameter is just supported from 2.0.9 and on.

The L parameter was new in the latest Prusa firmware, and available in the development version of Marlin. Far from wide support, but it's on the list.

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True, but versions are identifiable and it's a probably a switchable feature. Additionally, it's wider support when compared with M33 - G-code - RepRap vs G-code - RepRap

Is there a capability report for the support of the L parameter?

Isn't this the one we did a single file plugin in Discord on to rewrite the M20 command? I don't think we ever heard back if that worked or not.

Nothing specific that I can find, but if there is something specific you are after I'll see what I can hunt down?

It is, that was the competition for smallest plugin...

It should work, when we looked into it at the time it seemed OctoPrint could parse the response but wouldn't send M20 L.

According to the wiki link above, there's Cap:EXTENDED_M20. Not able to confirm if it actually comes through from the firmware.

M20 yes. M20 L no. The wiki doesn't list the support for individual parameters. Without the L, the files are reported in 8.3 format, this is what is widely supported. From the information we know, it's Marlin's bugfix branch (which will be 2.0.9+) and Prusa FW 3.10 (or whatever the latest version is).

Well, here we go then:

Adjusted the virtual printer accordingly, works fine with that, no idea if firmware out there actually matches the format as described on the wiki (side note: even after I documented the response format MYSELF on the wiki, Marlin or whoever added quotes to the long name to make it just enough incompatible to require code adjustments on my end after all - I can't even...). That's for someone with a current Marlin bugfix or Prusa FW build to test, I right now have neither and can't say when I'll get around to changing that.

The current code in Marlin bugfix does not support M20 L nor do I see any pending PRs to add it.

It could be under planning - it was added to the docs a few days ago, and may be related to this post:

I guess we'll see what happens.

M20 L support is now in Marlin bugfix-2.0.x and the fix has been merged into the 2.0.x branch, so it should be in when that's released.