Adding touch screen disabled camera?

Hi - I use the Raspberry Pi Camera (v1.3) with my RP3B+ on my Prusa MK3s and it's been working great.

I decided to try adding a touchscreen and running the touch UI plugin on it. I got the Jun-Electron 3.5" TFT from Amazon and installed the drivers from here ( via PuTTY/SSH. The screen turns on and works great, but I no longer have a functioning camera. I SSH'd in and do an "lsusb" as troubleshooting suggests, but no camera is listed.

Any ideas what I should check to see what might have happened? Physically removing the touch-screen doesn't change anything.

I'm running OctoPrint v1.4.0 and OctoPi 0.17.0

Well, I managed to solve this through random trial and error... It looks like somehow the camera was turned off when I installed the drivers, although I have no idea why that would be the case.

I went through sudo raspi-config -> Interfacing Options -> Camera -> Yes and rebooted, and it was back.

In case I did anything wrong, or if anyone has thoughts, I'll leave this here for discussion.

I had this exact scenario and you saved me a LOT of frustration Rob-R!

Thanks for your time and energy!