Addons and supporting projects

:spiral_notepad: Note:This is a non exhaustive list of additional addons and projects related to OctoPrint, that members of the community have developed. Found something that isn't on this list? Users who are TL1 or higher should be able to edit the list, please contribute!

OctoPrint installation

  • OctoPi by Guy Sheffer: A Raspbian-based Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that already includes OctoPrint and mjpg-streamer
  • OctoPrint - docker: The dockerized snappy web interface for your 3D printer!

Smartphone/watch Apps

Slicer connections

  • Cura Octoprint Connection: Plugin for Cura 2.3 and newer to upload and monitor prints directly from Cura to OctoPrint (source)
  • PrusaSlicer and SuperSlicer have built in OctoPrint support
  • OctoprintUpload: Plugin for new version of Cura for uploading gcode (abandoned)
  • OctoUpload: Automatically upload gcode from Cura (<=15.04) to your OctoPrint server with this plugin
  • Print from Cura: Another plugin that allows you to print directly to an OctoPrint server from Cura (<=15.04)


  • OctoDash: Touch screen interface for OctoPrint running on a pi.
  • OctoScreen: LCD touch interface for OctoPrint
  • OctoFarm: Manage multiple instances of OctoPrint in a single interface.
  • PrinterView: a simple web app for viewing the status of multiple OctoPrint instances. Also works well on mobile.
  • OctoPrint-applet: OctoPrint Cinnamon Applet
  • OctoPrint manager: OctoPrint manager (Cinnamon Applet)

Client implementations

  • OctoRest Python client library for the OctoPrint REST API
  • OctoScript by "algspd": A commandline client for various functions of OctoPrint ready to be used in a print farm setup to concurrently remote control multiple printers/OctoPrint instances

Printable models