Adjust OctoScreen GUI

Hello Everybody,
I do need some help to adjust/arrange my OctoScreen GUI.

First some Infos:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 with OctoScreen 2.7.4 and Touch Display
  • OctoPrint 1.9.3 running with these PlugIns (and more):
    • OctoPrint-Z-Bolt-OctoScreen 2.6.0
    • Custom Control Editor 0.2.2
    • System Command Editor 1.0.0

I created some Commands with the Custom Control Editor

and with the System Command Editor:


On my OctoPi I now see this on the page "Actions -> Control":

How can I arrange these "Icons" and assign different icons?

There is a tab in the "OctoPrint-Z-Bolt-OctoScreen" PlugIn called "Menu Structure" (see).

But how does it work? How do I adjust this Structure and where are some icons to use?

I really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

nobody with any ideas? SAD!

Cheers Frank