Advice on setup

First things first I'm just going into highschool so my knowledge about these things is all taken from the internet and thus has many many holes.

I have just gotten a Prusa I3 MK3S and I want to hook it up with octoprint. My goal is to create a temperature controlled, sound proofed enclosure managed by an Arduino. I would like the Arduino to be hooked up to the a rasberry pi3b+ with a program in parrellel to octoprint. I would also like to stream a web cam with octoprint.

I've done some research and from what I've seen the rasberry pi zero recommend by Prusa can't handle a web stream due to the processor load from the wifi chipset. Therefore it's recommend that a pi3b is used instead. It's my understanding that octoprint actively feeds gcode to the printer in real time and thus extra load on the pi will reduce print quality. Ideally I would want to be able to use octoprint to load the g code on to the printer's sd card and print from there for maximum quality. If that is achievable would it make sense to revert to a pi zero or is the pi 3b still beneficial? The pi would then be used to monitor the printer, stream the web cam, and monitor the enclosure. I don't care about features that might only be available if the pi was controlling the printer I only care about the inputs and information available on the printer's LCD interface. That also brings me to the question what kind of interface is available for the program managing the Arduino? Is there an API for octoprint that would allow the second program to give commands to the printer? Also could it feed information about the state of the enclosure through the octoprint web interface?

Edit: I have continued doing research and I've seen that the problem with uploading a file to the ad card with octoprint is a combination of the slow serial connection and the process that is used to transfer the data. Is there a workaround that I could use to upload files? If not how much could I expect print quality to diminish? I've also seen reports of octoprint taking ~20% longer than sd card. Would using something like a pi zero setup to electronically disconnect a SD card write to the card and reconnect be worth it?

I understand that I have a very shallow understanding of these concepts so please correct me if I'm wrong. If you see flaws other than the questions I've posed feel free to point them out.

Thank you in advance