After 1.3.10 update can't connect to the printer

Updated the OctoPrint on RPi2 today. It can't connect to the printer now.

The UI button shows "Disconnect", but it's not working to try to reconnect.
Disabled the Autoconnect on start. After RPi restart the button still shows "Disconnect".
All regardless the printer physically connected to the USB port or not.

My long weekend ruined.

What does "not working" mean?

Also, upload an octoprint.log or we can't even guess at how to help.

Button not working means the button not doing what it supposed to do.

Re-downloaded the boot image and set up the RPi2 from scratch yesterday. Made the successful print. BUT! Today it asked me to update to that buggy 1.3.10 again. Now the print is not starting after the temps are on the mark. Head is not moving but the GCode viewer showing the progress.

Logs? I need a clear guidance for how to capture what you want.

If you need help from us - you must help us to help you :wink:

This and many more useful links you can find in the FAQ

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