After 1.8.0 update, Octoprint not heating bed or extruder

After 1.8.0 update, OctoPrint is not heating the bed or the extruder. This was working just fine before the update but now it will go through all the motions/steps of bed leveling, etc... but when gets to the point of printing, the bed and extruder temps are both set to 0 and will procced to "print" nothing.

System info bundle - (67.4 KB)

OptoPrint Version - 1.8.0
OctoPi version - Pi4
Printer - Ender 3 v2
Firmware - 1.1.2
Printer upgrades - Dual Z, Ptouch, Direct drive
Cura - 4.13.1

Ok, found the issue. Cura wasn't sending the temps with the gcode. I have to use Marlin for the temps to work. Does anybody know how to get thumbnails to work with this set up?

I want to open the stl file in Cura, slice it with my settings and click "Print with OctoPrint" to my Ender 3 v2.

What I get is no thumbnail in OctoPrint. However, if I use the "Ultramake 2" gcode flavor, I get thumbnails but then the temps wont work.

Fixed. Helps if the correct profile in Cura was selected. Still don't understand how the settings/profile got changed.

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