After Update to 0.17 ABL not correct


i have an problem with my Auto Bed Leveling after an Update from Pi Zero W (0.16 / 1.3.11) to an Raspberry Pi 4 (0.17 / 1.3.12).

With 0.16 the Z value is -2.11 after ABL and when i use G0 Z0 the nozzle goes to the correct distance to the bed.

When i do this with the Pi4 (0.17) the Z value is also -2.11 after ABL but then i use then G0 Z0 the nozzle distance is very higher to the bed.

i dont know where can i change some settings to fit this problem.

To my knowledge this values for steps und moving are in the marlin firmware, but why Octoprint has an different behavior from Version 0.16 to 0.17.

anyone has an idea whats the problem is?

Sorry about my english.