After upgrading to 1.4.1, Ender 3 Printer Profile was changed

What is the problem?

After upgrading to 1.4.1, I started getting my design was too big for my print bed. I checked the printer profile for my printer and it was changed to 200, 200, 200. It was set to 220, 220,250 previously.

Also having an issue with it loading files now. Once the info comes up, it just sits with a spinner next to the file and won't fully load.

What did you already try to solve it?

Changed the profile back to what it was before.

After loading in safe mode, files now load properly so there must be a plugin that is not working with the new version. I will have to figure out which one.

Really weird. After disabling all of my plugins, then enabling them one by one (and restarting Octoprint each time), files load fine now with all plugins enabled. My backend is Octopi and it's running on a PI 2. Never had any issues before upgrading but now seems to be working for the moment with all plugins enabled again. Really strange.

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